About Us

corfu croquetThe Croquet Club of Corfu was founded by Tony Blok. Since January 2013, the club has become an Association which was formalized in 2014 (see our statute).
Our association doesn't make profit, all the contributions will be invested in the lawns and equipment. The club has 27 members and is run by volunteers. Together we run the organisation and complete the work that has to be done. We are proud of what we have acheived so far.

We have a board consisting of 4 persons, namely:

  • Richard Quilter - President
  • Nico Vogels - Vice President
  • Aspa Kapsokavadis - Treasurer
  • Karen Quilter - Secretary

Our goal is to be a lively and enthusiastic club where lots of people can share their enjoyment of this wonderful game. For us, croquet is a game of concentration, strategy, decisions and most of all, fun.

As well as members we also have an enthusiastic group of guest players that play games on a more irregular basis. Specially for this group of players we have created several different methods of payment for playing games. So, although we would like to invite everybody to become a member, you don’t have to become a member to join in a game with us. Our flexible system gives you the opportunity to choose the times and conditions that suit you.
Go to expenses to read about how we maintain the club. Ask for other possibilities when you contact us.

We can play all the year around because of the pleasant climate of Corfu. We have two Club days a week: in the winter on Wednesday and Saturday, starting at 11.00 o’clock in the morning. In the summer we can change the timings depending on the temperature. And we add in a further session on a Friday evening.
The Croquet Club of Corfu plays Golf Croquet, although when there are guests from abroad some members also play Association Croquet.

children-croquetWe have two big tournaments a year: one Association and one Golf croquet tournament, called the Greek Open with guests from Great Britain. We also have individual club competitions. Furthermore we organise some special activities like an Open Day, our Twilight Croquet, and several arrangements for groups.
Interested in playing croquet? Here you can read more about croquet and our club activities.