About Us

corfu croquet Why Play Croquet in the Rain, When You Can Play a Game under Our Sun?!

The Croquet Club of Corfu was originally founded by Tony Blok and, after something of a revival, it became a Greek Association, which was finally formalised in 2014. The membership is now at over 30, with some returners still detained in various countries due to Covid restrictions! The Active Player list does still number in the 40s+, who are more irregular players, who visit Corfu for a short while, holidaying, sailing, touring and playing croquet of course! They are kept informed of our activities as we number them among our many friends now. The club has a committee who are enthusiastic supporters of the game of croquet, all of whom are volunteers and give of their time freely! Our thanks to them for all they do.

Our current committee, which was elected in 2020, is:

President Richard Quilter
Vice President Anne Hodgson
Treasurer Aspa Kapsokavadis
Secretary Karen Quilter
Members Janneke van Rosmalen
Michael Donoghue
Judith Forshaw
Co-Opted Lester Barker
Lola Klouda
Anne-Marie Anthi

We employ a groundsman all the year round, whose job it is, to ensure our lawns and surroundings are well maintained, as well as a website manager to affect changes on our site.
As well as a growing number of local members and our holiday visitors, we also have a large and ever-increasing group of overseas players, mainly from the U.K., who come to play in our two annual tournaments, the Greek Open GC Tournament and the Greek Open AC Tournament. The lists are often full within 24 hours of the dates being released by the U.K. managers and we are beginning to have to create waiting lists! We do also have visits from Sheffield U3A on a regular basis as well as other groups from Ireland, Latvia and Spain too!

1646 aboutWe have a range of methods of payment, to allow for the very varied visitors that come to our island and Club. So there is bound to be one that will meet your needs. So look at our Subscription Section to see what would suit you.

In Corfu we are able to play croquet for much of the year. Normally we have two Club Days each week, Saturday and Wednesday, 10am start in the summer, 11am in the winter! During the summer we also run a Friday evening session when it is cooler, which generally begins at 6pm.
During a normal year we will run a range of tournaments for the local membership, Singles, Doubles and Handicaps as well as a Twilight Tournament in August, by the light of the full moon, with no floodlights or head torches allowed!! At Christmas and New Year there are also get-together day tournaments too. Lots of shared merriment is enjoyed by all!

With Covid restrictions in place, we have run a booking system every day of the week for people to be able to play singles, in masks, avoiding too many people gathering and avoiding points where infection could be spread. So we have systems in place to cope with the variety of restrictions being imposed and can re-act positively whatever the current rules require.

So, when will we see you? Contact us and tell us when you are coming or ask any questions you may have. We look forward to seeing you and making some new friends.