We can offer you several arrangements which are listed below. If you have another idea, let us know and we will try to work it out specially for you. For more information please see the contact page.

Arrangement A
Arrangement B
Arrangement C
Arrangement D
Children or Family Party
A group of minimum 4 persons playing croquet for half a day.
We start with a drink in the Blue Cafe opposite of our croquet lawns. You get instruction of one of our star players. You play at least two games, our instructor will be there to help you. The use of the equipment is included.
Suggestion: Afterwards you can have a cool swim in the beautiful swimming pool of the Marina next to our croquet lawns.
The same as arrangement A, enhanced with a lunch, dinner, high thee or BBQ.
A combination of a stay for one or more weeks in one of the good hotels in the neighbourhood of the Marina/Croquet lawn (see hospitality) and the use of our croquet lawns.
Note: Lawns are not available for your own purpose on club days, of course you're welcome to play a game with us.
When you are an experienced player you can rent one or two of our lawns per day
We’re able to organize a (children) party. The tent will decorated depending of the kind of party. Specially for the small children (to 10 years) we have a children lawn. The bigger children and adults play on the official lawn (for the bigger children we have small mallets). We start with a drink and some snacks. After the drink our experience players will give an instruction how to play croquet. If you like we make a small competition and the winner get a price and all the participants get a little souvenir.
Suggestion: Afterwards you can take a nice swim in the swimming pool of the Marina and/or a lunch, dinner or BBQ. Ask for the possibilities and prices.
Note: For a good accompany of young children we need one adult per 4 children.