Croquet Holiday

A Croquet Holiday on Corfu

croquet in the sunIf you consider to come to Corfu and play under the Greek sun, we - the croquetclub of Corfu - will welcome you with open arms. Of course you have your own ideas about the way you like to do this. So the best thing is to contact us so we can help or advise you.

A few examples

You like to visit our beautiful island and you like to combine this with playing croquet for a couple of days. That’s possible. You can play together with us on our clubdays, but if you like, you can also play any other day. Just contact us in time and we can arrange this. It is not necessary to bring your mallet, we can lend you one of our mallets.
It is also possible to come to Corfu as a group of players. This year a group of 8 players from Sheffield played here for a week Golf Croquet (see photos). They hired two lawns for a couple of days and they also played together with us on our club days.
The international tournaments we organise, together with colleagues from the UK, every year became a tradition as you can see on our website. In 2014 we had two tournaments: the Hellinic teams championship and the Greek Open AC.

For more information about our fees, the tournaments etc. click here.

We also can recommend a few hotels/appartments close to our lawns, click on corfu hospitality for this information. If you like to have more information about our beautiful island click here.

Note: Most of the time we play Golf Croquet, but a few members are playing also Association Croquet and they will be glad to play with you AC.