The Greeks are well known as a hospital nation. Another characteristic of them is their love for good food and drinks. They know how to combine these qualities of life as no one else in the world. Here's a handful of venues where you can have a real good time after, for instance, an exiting match.


The right accommodation for a great Croquet Holiday during the summer!

Blue Café

Cold drinks, icecreams and small dishes, that's Blue Café, opposite of the Corfu Croquet Club

Govino Bay

Excelent Hotel in a beautiful garden nearby the beach, with a large swimming pool and all the amenities you need for a great Croquet holiday at Corfu

Green Island

Green Island provides a lot of information about apartments and villas and things to do on Corfu

Kontokali Bay

Kontokali Bay is a very luxury hotel positioned near to the Gouvia Marina and thus the perfect base for a tremendous Croquet Holiday!


Cosy hotel in the village of Kontokali, just 250 yards from the croquet lawns of Corfu. The perfect place to stay for a fantastich Croquet Holiday!